Yuletide Season

It was the Yuletide season, and our little team had a bit of free time by then. The thing is, none of us had any place to go for the holidays. That was why we planned to visit Jackpotcity casino. After all, it seemed the right place for us to spend our free time.

Jackpotcity casino was quite far from our town. The best way to reach it was by train. Lucky for us, there was a holiday discount on tickets and lots of Free stuff. Bennett took care of our tickets in advance. He even went so far as to pay for it. We thought it was a nice season’s gesture on his part.

Each one of us got ready for the trip to Jackpotcity casino. We brought stuff to share with the whole team. Alec took care of the drinks. He brought some soda, tea, and coffee along. He planned to bring something stronger. That is, until he thought better.

Old holiday

The Jackpotcity casino had a Yuletide theme going on. And by Yuletide, I meant the old holiday. The German one. I guess they wanted to stand apart from others who celebrated the season. It was a bit funny seeing Santa and reindeers beside statues of Odin, though.

We had lunch at a Game of Thrones-themed resto. The head of each table had a fair replica of the iron throne in it. They served the kind of food that the show’s characters would have eaten.

Well, let’s just hope there are no weddings being held there.