Drückgluk casino is a new casino in town. When news of it came to our doorsteps, the team got hyped. Ever since our success a few months ago, Alec and I have joined together. Now, we are a team of four casino fans. Since then, we have kept our ears on the ground. We were eager to have news of the casino scene.

The team is made up of me, Alec, Eliza, and Bennett. Most of you already know about how Alec and I met. So, let’s talk about the other two. They were also crucial in our new story about Drückgluk casino.

The Branch

Eliza used to work at a Drückgluk casino branch. She moved in this town to get away from the noise of the city. For a while, she worked as a waitress over at the Drückgluk casino bar. But after some time, she trained to be a croupier at the casino. But in the end, she found that she liked playing more. She quickly got tired of seeing other folks play.

Bennett also used to work at a Drückgluk casino branch. But unlike Eliza, he worked at the Vegas site. He was floor manager there and had a great future ahead of him. But he quit his job due to some problems at home. It turned out that his wife was doing the nasty with another woman. He thought they would be glad to have him out of the picture. So, he moved to this side of time. It was miles away from his old Vegas home.

So in a way, Drückgluk casino was sort of a big thing for the two of them. They may have moved over here, but they kept in touch with old friends and ex co-workers. This explains how they knew about the new Drückgluk casino branch in advance. In fact, they got invites to join launch day. And I don’t know how they did it, but they also got two extra invites with our names on it.

Drückgluk casino was built on the far side of town. As far as it went, this branch was modest. Still, it was placed near another town. This meant that Drückgluk casino had visitors from the other town as well. As it was not all that big yet, they only had a few slots and tables. But they hoped to grow in time though. Find out more about it in our page Yuletide Season