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Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting

Posted by Geoff DeGannes (gdegannes) on Jan 07 2011 at 11:04 PM
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Tantramar Community Radio Society

Annual General Meeting – Jan. 6, 2011

1.      Call to Order: Geoff DeGannes, Chair, welcomed those attending and called the Annual General Meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The Legion Branch #10 was thanked for the generous donation of their facility for this meeting and Geoff review the rules for voting.

2.      Minutes of AGM May 5th, 2009:  The minutes were approved as circulated on a motion by Steve Ridlington, seconded by Randy Geddes. Motion Passed.

3.      Approval of the Agenda: The Agenda was approved as circulated on a motion by Jim Hannon. Motion passed.

4.      Chairperson’s report: In his report, Geoff highlighted the board and committee activities over the past year that have brought us to the position of erecting a tower and antenna in January 2011 with the intention to be broadcasting in June of this year. Geoff outlined the following as challenges over the next six months; completing the technical work at the transmitter site, hiring a manager/programmer/ technician, finding a studio location, developing programming and building a volunteer base, carrying out an extensive marketing blitz. The groundwork of previous chairs, Bert McWade and Randy Smith, was acknowledged as instrumental in bringing us to this stage of development. Geoff moved adoption of his report; motion passed.

5.      Treasurer’s report:  Wayne Bishop presented his annual report showing total receipts to date = $62,760.65 and expenses to date = $15,263.52 leaving a balance of $47,497.13. Allowing time for questions, Wayne moved adoption of the report, seconded by Dave Smith. Motion passed.

6.      Fundraising Committee report: Shelagh Rayworth presented a summary of this committee’s work, often meeting weekly, and responses from individuals, levels of government and businesses that have made it possible for us to be in our present state of readiness. A property, valued at $45,000, which has been donated for our use will be sold/raffled this spring.

Dave Smith informed the meeting of the work of the Corporate Sponsorship

       campaign, the contacts with businesses and our first contract from Bambino’s &

       Duncan’s for $1,000.00.

            Shelagh moved the adoption of the report, seconded by Janis Degannes. Motion passed.

7.      Nominating Committee & election of officers: Frank Allen  presented  the following those members who were reoffering as board members: Geoff DeGannes, Tony Morley, Wayne Bishop, Shelagh Rayworth, Bob Barnes, Randy Geddes, Tammara Ashe, Allen Dill, Esther Boyd, Jim Hannon. New members offering are; Dave Smith, Steve Ridlington, Lawry and Ben MacLeod.

The following officers were proposed: Chair – Geoff DeGannes, Vice Chair – Randy Geddes, Treasurer – Wayne Bishop and Secretary – Frank Allen.

Nominations were called for from the floor. There being no further nominations, the                        above slate was accepted on a motion by Janis DeGannes. Motion passed.

8.      Other business: A question regarding Board liability insurance was raised and discussed – to be pursued by the new Board.

9.      Adjournment: Esther Boyd moved adjournment.



Respectfully submitted,


Frank Allen, Recorder



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